Here at Adams, we like to make things simple. Pricing can sometimes get confusing & often can lead to surprises. We like to avoid this by giving straight answers, connecting with you if something arises & making pricing easy so that you can have a worry-free experience every time. 


Prices start at $175 for under 1,000 sqft. For every 1,000 sqft add another $25.

Larger? Smaller? Need a reshoot? Please email or call for more information. 

Extra charges

Some listings require more attention than others. This is where these prices come in. Have questions on what would meet these requirements? Do not hesitate to ask. 

Cancellation Fee - We get it. Sometimes things get crazy & appointments can be forgetful. In this case we charge a $75.00 fee for a cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment.

If there's a no-show, we charge full price. But don't worry because we always send a reminder email the day before to avoid these sorts of situations. 

Rush Fee - If you need your photos faster than 24 hours, let us know! We will charge a rush fee of $75.00 to ensure we get the images to you same day. 

Processing Fees - We only charge a 3% processing fee if being paid electronically i.e. PayPal or Square. We only charge you for what it would cost us to process the payment. How do you avoid it? Pay with a check either at the shoot or send it to our office. 

Late Fees - This doesn't happen very often because we send electronic reminders directly to your email. However, if payment is late there is an extra 2.5% charged to the bill for every day the payment is late. 

Virtual Tour - Our virtual tours are free! 

Mileage - We don't do that to you here. Unless, of course, we have to travel 50 miles out of our office in Salem, Oregon. Then it's only .50 cents per mile there and back.